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From a very early age, I have held a passion and love for telling stories through images; both still and motion. I was lucky enough to receive my father's Nikon F at age 11, that coupled with a 50mm lens had me hooked on this life long adventure with visuals. 

Sharing an innate love of the ocean I partnered with my father in a dive school on Australia's beautiful Sunshine Coast. We spent three memorable years teaching and leading dive-training expeditions on Australia’s east coast.

In 1989, at age 20, I joined Jacques Yves Cousteau’s wind ship Alcyone as a diver. There, I deepened my understanding and love of nature and the media arts on a multitude of expeditions spanning 4 years.

With upwards of 2500+ hours underwater, I have an array of underwater experiences that have ranged from Research diver, Chief diver, Divemaster/ Instructor, cameraman to Safety diver for research, documentary and underwater exploration expeditions.

I am certified as a NAUI Underwater Instructor/Divemaster proficient in rescue and advanced diving techniques and actively certified as an Occupational Diver (commercial).

Committed to producing, filming, editing and sharing stories that inspire change and awareness, I have spent the past 9 years working in partnership with Céline Cousteau and CauseCentric Productions with the aim to offer the public an opportunity to be inspired and educated on the lesser-known stories of our fast-evolving world.

I have worked as DOP/cameraman, photographer, drone and gimbal operator on numerous projects involving the environment, sustainability, and cultural issues.  These projects have spanned the globe in a multitude of environs – from the Amazon rainforest to the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea, and from Cuba’s “Gardens of the Queen” national park to Antarctica, South Africa and northern Norway.

As an accomplished land and underwater cameraman, my work has been featured in numerous films, television programs, magazines, newspapers and online publications around the world.
Often working in small 2 to 4-person teams, I am comfortable and proficient working film/sound/aerials to get the stories needed, whilst paying special attention to safety and respecting the subject at hand.

Expeditions & Documentary Productions: 

Australia / Great White Sharks / Nauru / Cetaceans / Indonesia - 1 hour documentaries with The Cousteau Society. Plastic pollution awareness with 5 Gyres. Native medicinal herbs in Papua New Guinea with Healing Seekers. Indigenous awareness in the Amazon’s Vale do Javari “Tribes on The Edge” with CauseCentric Productions (currently in distribution). The MAR project in Mexico’s Meso-American reef for The TreadRight Foundation. Whale entanglement in “Scars of Freedom”. Ocean awareness in Melimoyu, Patagonia “Exploring Eden in Patagonia pt 1&2”. Chile’s ocean world in a 12-part series for Chilean TV “Oceano-Chile Frente al Mar”. Manatee appreciation with Céline Cousteau in “Sirenia”. Moken Sea Nomads in Thailand for Arte French documentary channel. Questioning our connection to the natural world in “La Quete du Sauvage”  French feature doc for french prime time TV directed by Jean-Charles Granjon. Exploring the dolphin human connection in the series pilot “The Dolphin Enigma” for Ten Thousand Images Productions, Norway. Demystifying our ocean secrets in “Legends of the Deep” with Fabien and Céline Cousteau in a 4 part Discovery Science series.

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