Special Notes on Printing

,While every effort has been made to ensure that your ordered prints arrive as you wish them too, it is important to understand resolution and printing size in regards to your choice.

When a printing size is chosen that exceeds the resolution standard for printing, a dialogue will appear detailing resolution/viewing distance and the possibility of viewable artifacts. I have personally printed one size above the printing suggestion and have had great results not noticing any issues with viewing closer than the suggested viewing distance.

These printing choices shall be your responsibility as some photos have been cropped. Enlargement to more than 3'x4' (1m x 1.2m approx) may show subtle detail loss. Having said that, an appropriate viewing distance is important to take in mind as one normally views a large print from a minimum of 3'-5' (1m-1.5m) or more. One is not often able to see a visible loss of detail. In the end please print within the envelope of your printed piece's hanging space.